About US


Laura's headshotHello! I am Laura, the owner and primary Wedding Photographer and Portrait Photographer for Portrait Arts Photography, here in Hudson, NH.

My interest and passion for photography began a long, long, long time ago….   I used to be the one that would volunteer to take the family photos on holidays, family reunions, etc.  My dad bought me my first real camera when I was 15 and since then I have been photographing people, creating memories for my family and clients.

Grandma’s Dilemma

When Grandpa died back in 1979, Grandma looked for a photo of Grandpa so that she could make copies to share with our family.  The only one she found that he was in, was a group shot. (yes, I was the one that took that shot, lol)   After the lab cropped it to just him and enlarged it a little for a 4×5, it looked horrible at best.

After that, Grandma made sure to get professional photos done of herself and she most certainly shared them with us.  She learned the hard way how valuable photos of loved ones really can be.  Even more so when you can’t even find one.  After they are gone, it’s just too late.

This is why,  in 2019 I have restructured my photography business to promote the Printed Portrait.  I want all clients to get printed portraits.   A print will outlast a digital file without any doubt whatsoever.   There is no definitive answer as to how long a digital file can or will last.