Other Services

Canadian Passport Photos

Portrait Arts Photography is on the preferred photographer list as one of the photography studios in Southern NH to get your Canadian Passport Photos taken. We do have up-to- date requirements for what they need. An appointment is necessary so we know to have the photographer here and ready for you.

Professional Headshots

Whether you are looking for employment or updating your social media profile, it is much better to have a Professional Headshot / Portrait of yourself, something that represents you as a Professional Person. Contact Laura for more information.

Photo Restoration

Restoring Photos has many meanings. Many think of the photos taken of their grandparents/great grandparents… Some are photos of their children or themselves as children. Any of these that could be faded, or showing wear, or got damaged in some way. Most of these situations can be fixed.
How about a favorite photo that was damaged, but it is something everyone in your family would like copies of… We can totally take care of that!

Real Estate Photography

Whether you are selling your house, renting out your house, apartment or business location, Professional photos will help make this happen faster. Contact us for info and pricing.