How to select the Right Wedding Photographer


How to select the Right Wedding Photographer

So you’re planning your dream wedding. You will be more beautiful on this day than on any other. Here are some tips to insure you look as if you’ve just stepped out of a bridal magazine. Follow these guidelines and move from selecting a wedding photographer to selecting the right wedding photographer for your event.

Tip One: Pick someone you like!

Your photographer will be with you the entire day. You probably wont see her in any of your pictures, but he/she will become a part of the permanent memory of your wedding day. Good or bad, each time you reflect on your wedding day you will remember your photographer. That said, you should like your photographer. If you’re uncomfortable with this person, or you find them to be difficult to work with early on these feelings will only grow stronger on your wedding day.

When your photographer arrives the morning of your wedding, you should be happy and comforted to see them. Brides who are comfortable and happy during their day seem to glow with delight in their photographs. The first tip in selecting the right wedding photographer is to select someone you like. If you become uncomfortable with this person in your early communications with them it may be best to pass and continue looking.

Tip Two: Study their work!

Photographers are quite particular in the selection of images displayed in their portfolio and on their website particular in that this is usually their very best work. If you find any of their portfolio images to be substandard, remember your album will reflect the same. If they are a digital Massachusetts photographer or a New Hampshire Photographer look at the images on their website. Are they sharp and well colored or are they blurred and out of focus? Someone lacking the digital skills to make their own web galleries look sharp and presentable may also have a hard time preparing your images for print in your album. Are the portfolio images well exposed? Do they have nice bright whites and nice dark blacks, or do the images appear grey, flat, and washed out?

Examine some of the photographer’s images where bride and groom are pictured together. The dress should not appear as a single shape of pure white you should still see enough detail to pick up fine patterns and stitching. The same with the tux. Does it look like a flat black cut-out? You should still clearly see pockets, detail in the tie, and other fine lines in the black fabric. The ability to capture both bright details as well as dark details in the same image demonstrates a photographer’s mastery of exposure, and is often the difference between average wedding photography looking images and something truly professional that you’ll cherish for years to come. Finally, consider the actual content of the images in your photographers portfolio.

You have spent many sleepless nights considering every detail from the centerpiece, to the guest favors, to the type of lace wrapped around the gazebo. A good wedding photographer will catch these details and preserve them for you in your images. Do people look natural in the images or are they all posed and looking directly into the camera?

This style difference is totally dependant on your own taste and there is no right answer. It is however wise to consider the majority of images and ask yourself is this the way I’d like to be captured in my own wedding images? and select accordingly. The second tip in selecting the right NH wedding photographer or MA Wedding Photographer in your wedding planning process is to take the time to individually examine and consider many of your photographers images. Look beyond the book of wedding photography and consider if the portfolio demonstrates a level of detail and style that you will be happy with for years to come.

Tip Three: Pick Someone that suits your style!

There are many photographers to choose from with many different styles. Each is a bit different. It’s very important to study a photographer’s work and their approach to covering the wedding event. Some photographers specialize in portraiture, others place a large emphasis on taking many group and family pictures. Other photographers may not capture any posed images at all, instead holding to a purist photojournalist approach they will only capture natural candid images and will not direct or intrude on the event at all.

No photographer’s style is right for every couple. It’s important to consider the style in which you’d like your event portrayed, then select someone who emphasizes this style. If you love the candid natural images, don’t select someone showing 90% of their portfolio in a stiff and ridged posed form and vice versa. The fourth tip in selecting the right wedding photographer in your wedding planning process is to choose someone with experience and emphasis on the style you prefer for your wedding.

Tip Four: Photography lasts a Lifetime!

You’ve heard it before, and it’s worth repeating. Your wedding photography will last a lifetime and then some. Each time you open your wedding album, you’ll be reminded of your special day. If you’ve selected the right photographer these will be happy memories. I never knew I could look that beautiful, I never realized I could be so happy on one special day. Unfortunately, a poor decision in this area could lead to a wedding album you’d rather forget about.

In making your selection, consider the cost of your photography today is what will keep your memories alive for generations to come. It is very important that your photography suits you. Spread over years of memories to come, slight price differences between ‘average’ Massachusetts wedding photography and New Hampshire wedding photography, and ‘outstanding’ photography will become quite insignificant.

The fourth tip in selecting the right photographer is to budget a general amount to spend, but in the end, don’t let minor price differences become the deciding factor. Photography lasts a lifetime.