Your Wedding Photographer

Tips to consider before hiring your Wedding Photographer

Portrait Arts Photography

  • Choose a Wedding Photographer that you like and that will suit your style.  After all, you will be working together most if not all of your Wedding Day.
  • Pick a wedding photographer that is committed to their job!
  • Choosing a Wedding Photographer based solely on price is usually not a good idea.   It is more important to meet them, see their work and see how your personalities mesh.  All photographers are not the same. While some have many years of experience many will just be getting started in business. Don’t compare pricing unless you know how the photographers experience and qualifications differ!

  • Ask this Wedding Photographer if they routinely book more than one wedding on a given day. Also ask if they will be the photographer for Your Wedding. Higher volume wedding  studios could over book weddings & assign photographers the week of.   Unless there is an unforeseen emergency, it is not professional to find this out on your wedding day
  • Ask your potential Wedding Photographer  how long they have been in business. Request to see a complete wedding instead of just the best images from a few weddings.
  • Find out if they are a full time professional, with an actual place of business.  Beware of meeting at the local coffee shop and doing business only by cell phone. Since your photographer is the only vendor you need after your wedding it is  important that  they will still in business and available after your wedding!

The best advice we can give, is don’t choose a photographer solely on price.  Factor in experience, expertise and personality.  Ask your venue, DJ, JP, Florist and other wedding vendors to see if they recommend anyone.

While we know Weddings can be expensive, this is one area you shouldn’t skimp on.  Remember once your day is over, your guests have gone home, your cake is eaten, decorations are put away,  all you have left to remember your day with are your Wedding Photographs.  Invest wisely and confidently.

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